Vintage Guest Book Idea

Vintage Post Cards

This idea actually came from my very own wedding, but my husband was the genius and thought that it would be cool to find vintage postcards at a thrift store and have our guests sign and write us notes on them. Some of the cards were from places we had been, and other cards were from places we dreamed of visiting one day. It made for such an awesome album after the wedding and keeps us our toes to remind us of our vacation goals. We just loved how personal everyone made their letters to us! Then to top it off we had my old farm yard mailbox that we had the guests stick the postcards in and we opened the mail the next day and had so much fun reading all of the love notes written to us.

Destiny's Bride Stylist Does Her Own Wedding for Under 5k!

We all know that the word wed$d$ing comes with two dollar signs in it, but does that always have to be the case? If you ask me being in the industry has taught me a few things about what really matters when planning a wedding. If you are willing to give up a few hours a week searching for plates, and glassware then you may just be able to create a wedding that won't soak up your 401k. For my first post we will talk plates and stemware, check back weekly to see how the wedding truly became my dream wedding for under 5k!!

I knew that I wanted to have a small wedding right from the start. Now that may not be the same for everyone and I can understand that having more than 100 people will definitely make staying under $5k difficult so don't be hard on yourself if you go over. I have found that the best way to save is to create a theme. I knew I wanted it to feel very relaxed but still have somewhat of a formality to it so I chose a shabby-chic theme with elements of fall interlaced throughout. My family thought that having it in our backyard would be ideal. At first I thought maybe a venue would be best, I mean would my backyard really be the perfect romantic setting for my dream wedding? Sure enough it was, you don't realize what a little decor and candle light can do to a space. Here is the first look into my DIY wedding and some helpful tips!

 If you are looking to do a DIY wedding make sure to get started early, I started about 6 months out and I was able to find everything I wanted and more. My first stop was one of my favorite thrift stores in Scottsdale "The White Dove" where all proceeds go to hospice patients. They get new items everyday, especially China and stemware. I knew I didn't want matching plates so I checked all the miscellaneous piles and found some incredible plates that fit my vision perfectly! Tip #1: When searching out items for your wedding a good way to get items cheap is by doing your research, I made sure to check their website daily for discounts and offers and was able to get all of my stemware for 50% off a piece. I got each glass at my wedding for about 25-50 cents. I think I spent in total on glasses like $36.00, I couldn't believe it! Tip# 2: Don't be afraid to dig around, I spent 2 hours in the White Dove one day searching and searching through every pile of plates to find the perfect ones. I told myself I wouldn't spend more than $2.50 on a plate and I stuck to that. When I was researching renting China plates it was about the same cost or more so I figured why not find my own, plus now my husband and I have an amazing collection to start our life with and some of the plates are actually worth more than I bought them for , which was super fun to find out. Check out some of my pictures from my wedding below, and check back next week to hear about my DIY decor, like books, lanterns, candles, and more!


Photography By Briana Lee Photography, AZ

Plates: Found at the Goodwill for $2 a piece. Featuring Prince Charles and Princess Diana commemorative plates from their wedding day that Derek and I used at our Sweetheart Table. Other plates found at The White Dove of Scottsdale for between $1-$2.