In 2011, Antonio co-founded TULLE NEW YORK as a collection of Couture Bridal Gowns and Social Occasion Dresses. It is through this that Antonio continues to experience his greatest joy-helping a bride to feel beautiful on the most memorable day of her life. He believes that a wedding gown should be a true reflection of one’s inner being and that everyone deserves to experience true couture for such an important milestone in one’s life.

PRICE RANGE: $2800 - $3800

*Please call to verify that we have these gowns in stock to try on. If we do not currently have the gown in store, we can have it shipped in within 7-10 days. (The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the bride). Feel free to browse the website and see if there are any other couture gowns of Antonio Gual that you would like to try on.