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How to write a thesis statement in 5 simple steps

Since a thesis statement expresses the basic idea of your paper, you should do your best to make it powerful and sound. Unfortunately, this task is not as easy as it seems at first glance. However, according to Thesis Panda , one of the most popular and reliable academic writing services, everyone can write a successful thesis statement in only five simple steps. So what are they?

Before we provide you with this 5-step guide, let’s get one thing straight – a thesis statement is an essential element of any academic paper. It is the first and the main thing you should focus on when writing your essay, research paper, term paper, or any other paper. If you fail with writing a powerful thesis, your reader may not understand what your work is about, and, as a result, you may get a low grade. Don’t want this to happen? Consider the following steps!

1. Choose the right topic.

A good thesis statement largely depends on the chosen topic, so ensure you have the right one. If you have such a chance, pick something you like and know about. Organize your ideas about it and think which one can be useful for the reader. It will be a base for your thesis.

2. Be specific and focused.

Your thesis statement should be focused and specific. For example, Drug use negatively affects society is a too broad and non-specific thesis. What drugs? How do they affect? You need to be more focused. Illegal drug use is a serious problem in today’s society because it leads to gang violence sounds better. This thesis statement is much more manageable and can be used in writing.

3. Be arguable.

If you are assigned to write an argumentative or persuasive essay, ensure your thesis statement is debatable. It shouldn’t sound like a statement. For example, Air pollution is harmful to humans is a statement while Federal government should spend 30 percent of the budget to limit air pollution is already a debatable thesis.

4. Choose your words wisely.

First of all, don’t forget that you are writing an academic paper and, therefore, should use only academic English without any colloquialisms, contractions, or slang. Second, carefully think about the words you use in writing. For instance, you can use favorable instead of nice, indeed instead of of course, extremely instead of so, etc.

5. Revise your thesis statement.

Once your paper is complete, feel free to revise your thesis statement. Remember, it should reflect the essence of your work, so make sure it does. If something is wrong, you need to revise your thesis or even rewrite it if needed. Moreover, check your body paragraphs to ensure your thesis is well supported with arguments and facts.

If you carefully follow these simple steps, you are guaranteed to write a powerful and sound thesis statement for any piece of writing. If not, you can always ask professional academic writers to help. Luckily, such services are now available for everyone!


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